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Social Friday in the Media

Do good – and let others speak about it. We must have done something right if even the media is jumping at it.

UnderPinned (UK)

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Wellness Magazin (AT)

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Color Magazin (AT)

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Alle! Achtung! (AT)

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SonntagsBlick (CH)

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Blick (CH)

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The Latest from Our Blog

Social Friday, our platform for social awareness is growing. Success stories from all over the world and reports from people who genuinely are having fun while doing good bear witness to this.

Research Results Press Conference and 1st Social Friday in Austria

We always knew we were on to a good thing but it’s always great to…

Social Friday on National German TV “ZDF”

The year has been amazing. There’s no two ways about it, 2018 has been great…

The Story of the Box

Crafted in the depths of Europe, carefully selected by a small band of children, hand…

Visit from the Canadian Embassy to Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro

We’re gaining more and more support every day and this time from no other than…

Social Friday Made It to Spiegel Online

Fame at last! Social Friday was very proud indeed to meet up with Keno Verseck…

Support from The Top for Social Friday

It’s not always what you know, it’s also who you know and when you are…

Oriflame and Social Friday creating awareness in Latvia

In our search for Social Friday partners, we found a true companion in Oriflame Latvia.…

Fikret Zendeli on the Impact “Social Friday” Has on His Company

Fikret Zendeli, founder of Social Friday, is the CEO of Breon, a company he founded…

8 Volunteering Ideas: Choosing the Perfect Way to Give Back to Your Community

There’s no right or wrong way of doing a Social Friday, just like there are…

The Story of “Social Friday”

A few years ago we read this research that confirmed something we all sort of…

Latest Instagram Posts

November 26. Be part of Social Friday.

Set a strong example for togetherness. Be the example you want to see in our society.

Let's reinvent Fridays together.

#SocialFridayActivity #SocailFriday #savethedate #November26

November 26. Be the change you want to see.

Strengthen the working attribute of your company, by highlighting your team's passion for social good.

Let your activities inspire others. Together we reinvent Friday’s!

#SocialFridayActivity #SocialFriday #savethedate #November26 #change #team #culture #inspiration

November 26, is a good opportunity to help others.

Contribute with your favorite company, to reinvent Fridays for better.

Coming soon with more information.

#SocialFridayActivity #SocialFriday #savethedate #November26 #opportunity

Do you have any favorite company you want to collaborate with?

Invite them to be part of your story on November 26.

Be the change you want to inspire and reinvent Fridays.

#SocialFridayActivity #SocialFriday #savethedate #November26

Join Social Friday on November 26.

Support a community cause and invite your favorite local organization to host an event with you.

Together we turn unproductive Friday hours into social good.

#SocialFridayActivity #SocialFriday #savethedate #November26 #community #event

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