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Raised in wealthy Switzerland, Fikret Zendeli, the founder of Social Friday, learned in 2004 what it means to be less privileged. His parents sent him to their homeland of North Macedonia for a month without any money. After that, it was clear to him what he had to do should he ever be financially independent. He wanted to invest in a good cause and promote a virtue that people tend to lose once they are better off: humility.

We know about the benefits of doing social good. We know about the unproductive hours on Friday afternoons. Let’s use these facts for a better society – for a healthier economy.Fikret Zendeli, Founder

In 2010 he returned to North Macedonia and is now a successful entrepreneur. Fikret was among the first to implement recurring social activities in a North Macedonian company. With the team from his engineering studio, he regularly gives something back to the local community.

He is convinced that if his small company can do it, any company can do it. Independent of religious or political groups, Fikret firmly believes that the framework for social awareness and a sustainable society can be set by the economy itself. With Social Friday he is pioneering social responsibility as an integral part of the economic agenda.

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