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On average, a host spends about 10 hours per quarter preparing for an activity. This number may shorten a bit as the host becomes more seasoned, but 10 hours per quarter is a good estimate.

Each member company/team is expected to host a Social Friday activity four times a year (once every quarter). Events are to be held on Friday afternoons.

Each member company/team must commit to the following:

  • Host 4 Social Fridays per year- 1 per Quarter.
  • For each event hosted, you must provide a short description of the event, at least 10 photos, 1 video (30-60 seconds) – shot with a phone or professional camera, depending on your company resources.
    See video example (
  • After the event, fill out and send us the official Social Friday feedback form.
  • Number of employees to participate including 1 from top management, according to company size:

Company Size
(nr. of employees)

Nr. of Participants

1 – 9

19 – 29

30 – 49

50 – 79

80 – 99

100 – 149

150 – 225

226 – 399

400 – 700

701 – 1200

1200 – 2000












We review applications once a week so you can expect an update within a few days.

We think that joining the Social Friday community is for the benefit of all involved.

        • As a part of the Social Friday community you will have an opportunity to be promoted on our social media channels.
        • Your logo will be featured on our website and additionally, it will be featured on each video you provide, presenting you as the host of that actual event.
        • Ongoing – mentorship and assistance regarding Social Friday events – including best practices, organizing help, and additional resources (when appropriate).
        • Last but not least, you will help to motivate other companies to join the community and do good elsewhere on the planet.

There are no application fees, upfront fees or ongoing fees to headquarters. The costs of your own Social Friday will vary based on your activity. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of resources to host an activity. If cost is a major factor for your team, try to think of inexpensive ways you can volunteer. If you need help getting started, please reach out to us and someone from our team will assist you.

We ask that you commit to at least one year.

We keep the right to decide on what materials go public on our social media and web. We are all about keeping the focus on the main goal of Social Friday and avoid inappropriate materials be included.

With providing us with your photos and videos of your events, we obtain the copyrights to their usage.

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