A letter from Fikret, founder of Social Friday

Let’s spend Fridays in a more meaningful way

Yes. It’s possible. We can and we should reinvent Fridays.

Thousands of hours are spent unproductively each Friday around the globe and still, we do not question this status quo enough!

I believe that it’s time to rethink how the economy and society, in general, tend to use the least productive time! In times when countries like Great Britain and Japan open ministries for loneliness, it’s about time to promote togetherness.

I invite everyone, to act in a more meaningful way for a better society and healthier economy. I believe that each change starts with us. I believe that each of us can be an example for a better future. All of us have a certain level of energy within us, it’s up to us how we want to spend that energy; by complaining, pointing the finger, blaming others, or using that energy to be a shining light and great example for others. Lead by example. Be the change you want to see.

This way and only together, we can create the community each of us wants and deserves to live in. I’m fully aware, that an initiative like Social Friday won’t solve all the problems on the planet. There are no simple solutions to this complex world. Anyone who promises you that wants either your votes or your money. In none of these elements am I interested! But YES, I’m absolutely convinced that SOCIAL FRIDAY can generate amazing positive energy in our society that will lead to ”unimaginable” many questions. Questions are the starting point and the sparkplug for any answer and further development in our society. Without awareness, there can’t be a change in our consciousness.

On Social Friday events, so many encounters, questions, solutions, possibilities, long-term partnerships, and inclusion will arise. You may be wondering now, where this cocky guy (from an area of the world you would least expect) gets his faith and seriously believes he can reinvent Fridays. Quite simply, from the facts! Friday is universally the least productive day of the week even in developed countries (studies are confirming this). There are countless studies too, that prove the positive effects of social engagement (including daytime activities). I alone have already read several folders full of these in recent years. In addition, my field experiences in this area and analyses since 2017 have shown the same thing that the theory says, namely: Doing good, feels good.

I have no doubt that we should use the time on Fridays more wisely and for the benefit of all, whether as a company to improve team spirit (in times of remote work, more important than ever) as an NPO to increase the awareness and visibility for your cause or as a students to gain valuable, formative life experience and boost your resume. Each of us can WIN if we become part of Social Friday and join forces for good.

Welcome on this journey to reinvent Fridays and be the change you want to see in society.

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