Retrospective of the 3Q22 Social Friday event

Have you ever been to someplace interesting and did a lot of fun and super-exciting activities that you can’t wait to tell your friends about? 
Well, we have also been in the same position as you. We want to share so much about the last Social Friday event!

Although we have put a lot of time and effort into it, we are proud that the final outcome was worth it. The Social Friday initiative organizes four events throughout the year, where companies, nonprofits, students, and individuals from the local community join to do different social activities. Celebrating togetherness has always been our strong side, and that’s exactly what we did at the last Social Friday event – Connect.Act.Impact.

Let’s do a little retrospective of all the fun activities we had and how we have challenged the status quo by reinventing Fridays.

The cause

There can be a lot of reasons to do a good deed. They can be done when people tend to help someone on purpose. Some of them take longer planning, and some of them can be instinctive. And by planning you will have enough time to realize the needs of others and what they are struggling with.

Helping your friends or family members with errands, cleaning the house, and cooking a delicious meal for your grandparents is a good deed. Studies show that people who do good deeds by volunteering are likely to continue because they are happier and feel they are a part of something important.

And the happier people are, the more kind acts they are going to do for each other. That is why the Social Friday initiative’s cause is to gather participants and do a lot of social activities that can create a better living for us all.

The people in need

There are millions of people out there who need help. Additionally, a lot of important questions have been raised worldwide – about the planet Earth, animals, poverty, etc. We can do so much about it, by taking even the smallest steps. A helping hand is always the best support we can get.

Social Friday celebrates togetherness, which means people gather to do kind acts. At every Social Friday event, participants organize different social activities where they help in the local animal shelters, visit the elderly homes, and spend quality time with children with disabilities. It takes only one small act of kindness to brighten someone’s day.

The participants

On the penultimate Social Friday event – Connect.Act.Impact have participated companies that organized different events where they were helping the homeless, spending time with children with disabilities, and helping the local community.

The company from Austria is a third-year Social Friday participant. They have supported the Franciscan monastery with different types of donations – thermal jackets, sleeping bags, and fleece blankets in the clothing store for homeless people.
They have also supported the monastery team with soup distribution. And now, by supporting the cause, they have helped hundreds of homeless people.

And from distant Austria to the capital city of Macedonia – Skopje joined Halkbank and Replek with their organized social activities. 

 “People cannot realize a huge idea all at once, but they can start realizing small activities with great dedication, attention, and love.” That is how Halkbank described their experience at the last Social Friday event. They have participated in sports activities together with the children at the day center for children with intellectual and physical disabilities – Shtip. 

On the other side, Replek did a great job proving that sharing is caring at the last Social Friday event. They helped in the canteen, talked to the homeless, and distributed donations (medicines, clothes, hygiene products) in Momin Potok, together with the City Red Cross – Skopje.

The founder of the Social Friday initiative, Fikret Zendeli together with BREON visited the children on “11 October”, where they organized an art session. 

The celebration

We believe that doing small acts of kindness can change the world and make people happier. Collecting unforgettable experiences, seeing people connecting, and sharing stories after every Social Friday event, is the reason why we strongly believe in our cause. That is why the Social Friday initiative celebrates togetherness because we believe that people can make significant changes. Every kind act is a step forward to a better world.

Care to join us at our upcoming event?

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