1st Social Friday in Vienna, Austria

The word is fast spreading, and we have some news that we couldn’t wait to tell you about. We want to shout about this latest development from the rooftops, but we’ll settle for telling you all about it here on Social Friday instead.

We would like to send huge congratulations and high fives all round to the fabulous people at Marketagent.com, who have put themselves firmly on the map as the first company in Austria to carry out a Social Friday activity.

Marketagent.com employs 25 members of staff and besides Baden, Austria has also offices in Zurich and Maribor. It is one of Austria’s leading online research institutes and has carried out market and opinion research for almost 20 years.

We couldn’t be prouder of them and here’s why:

The team, from near the beautiful city of Vienna, put their heads together for the perfect Social Friday community engagement and decided to go out on the streets and spend valuable Friday afternoon on February 22 with the amazing initiative “Shades Tours” which employs homeless people as tourist guides.

Working atmosphere and satisfaction are synchronized swimmers, they go hand in hand. All those who see the working climate as positive, are also much happier and there is where I believe Social Friday initiative succeeds. It does something for the team, a lot for the working climate and the community. When the climate is good, satisfaction is higher and productivity goes up.”

Thomas Schwabl, Owner of Marketagent

For those unfamiliar with “Shades Tours”, it is a tour about poverty and homelessness around Vienna, guided by an affected person itself. Real stories from real people, all given the Social Friday platform to raise awareness on such a challenging society issue.

A starting point to a social engagement is if you familiarize the employees with a topic, there is a lot to talk about; all of a sudden you get into a conversation with an employee on a completely different level.”

Perrine Schober, Founder of Shades Tours

This generous act served to help those in need, but also united the Marketagent.com team with an important sense of purpose. And we are beyond happy the news about Social Friday is spreading across Austria as it is throughout the rest of the world, so if you’re looking to get on board, get in contact and see how your team will benefit from creating meaningful partnerships with the community around them.

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