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What Is It?

Friday afternoons are the least productive time of the workweek. But with the non-profit initiative Social Friday you as an entrepreneur or future professional can now do something about it on a regular basis.

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Why Do It?

There are at least nine very good reasons why Social Friday will have a positive effect on your employees, your local community and on your identity as an entrepreneur. Don’t worry if you are still a student, we will give you an extra three.

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Why Do It with Us?

Social Friday will ensure, that you get the most out of your commitment. It’s also in our own interest. We will help you to help us to create a platform for social awareness, independent from any religious or political group and without any member fee.

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We know about the benefits of doing social good. We know about the unproductive hours on Friday afternoons. Let’s use these facts for a better society – for a healthier economy.Fikret Zendeli, Founder

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Be Social

Surveys show that Friday afternoon is the least productive time of the week. Do something meaningful for your local community in these lost hours and invest directly in the economy you are part of today and will benefit from tomorrow.

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Social Friday is Cost Free!

All we need is your commitment to …
… host at least one event per quarter
… shot at least 10 photos
… shot a video of your event
… write a short description of your event

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Be Rewarded

Doing good will have positive effects on your employees, your local community and on your identity as an entrepreneur.

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Be Part of Something Bigger

It’s an interesting model. Hopefully many other organizations and enterprises will adopt this.

Sybille Suter Tejada,
Swiss Ambassador in North Macedonia

We’re happy to be the first company to bring Social Friday to Austria and to give something back to society. This initiative not only strengthens our team structure, but really provides a sense of purpose.

Thomas Schwabl,

It is an honor to be part of the narrative that Social Friday writes. I hope that all organizations and companies will take part in this valuable initiative.

Marin Malushovski,
BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) Skopje, President

Be Supported

Doing good takes so little. You don’t even need us. However, our support ensures that you get the most out of your commitment.

How To Be a Host

You are just a few steps away …
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