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What Is It?

We put the cherry in charity. Doing good has never felt sweeter. Social Friday is a new cool way to spend your Friday afternoons – with your team, for the community. Come on, try something fresh! It’s the least productive time of the workweek anyway.

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Why Do It?

There are at least nine very good reasons why Social Friday will have a positive effect on your employees, your local community and on your identity as an entrepreneur. Don’t worry if you are still a student, we will give you an extra three.

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Why Do It with Us?

Social Friday will ensure, that you get the most out of your commitment. It’s also in our own interest. We will help you to help us to create a platform for social awareness, independent from any religious or political group and without any member fee.

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We know about the benefits of doing social good. We know about the unproductive hours on Friday afternoons. Let’s use these facts for a better society and a healthier economy. Let’s reinvent Fridays together! Fikret Zendeli, Founder

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Why Friday?

Fact: Friday is the least productive day of the week.*

One day, we thought:

What if we used those unproductive Friday hours to do something good for the community and team spirit? A few months later, the first Social Friday was born.


* 2019 Job Productivity Research Study

Upcoming Dates:

⚠️ Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all 2020 activities are postponed. We look forward to continuing our efforts in 2021. Stay tuned until then.


Social Friday happens four times a year—once each quarter. We choose set dates on which 100s of companies and organizations unite and host initiatives in their neighborhoods.

Be Rewarded

Helping others is great, isn’t it? But don’t just do it for the local community. Do it for your team spirit and do it for your very own personal experience.

Learn More about the Benefits of Social Friday

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Be Part of Something Bigger

It’s an interesting model. Hopefully many other organizations and enterprises will adopt this.

Sybille Suter Tejada,
Swiss Ambassador in North Macedonia

We’re happy to be the first company to bring Social Friday to Austria and to give something back to society. This initiative not only strengthens our team structure, but really provides a sense of purpose.

Thomas Schwabl,

It is an honor to be part of the narrative that Social Friday writes. I hope that all organizations and companies will take part in this valuable initiative.

Marin Malushovski,
BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) Skopje, President

Be Supported

Doing good takes so little. You don’t even need us. However, our support ensures that you get the most out of your commitment.

How To Be a Host

You are just a few steps away …
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Latest Instagram Posts

Did you know that #volunteering makes your #employees happy & thus boosts the productivity of your #company?

Check our Medium article on out bio to learn how you can adapt our model and achieve this goal. 🥳

We could not agree more. 🙏🏼 ...

Doing good takes so little.

Calling or messaging a friend to check if they’re ok.

Paying for an extra meal in your favorite restaurant for a homeless person.

Volunteering in your local elders’ home.

Donating the coffee money you would have spent today to a charity.

So, how will YOU give this #givingtuesday? / @givingtuesday

Social Friday was built on the premise of love for our neighbors and our planet. We’ve worked and will continue to work to make giving - not a once per year matter - but part of the everyday lifestyle.

*Social Friday ready to help you give back more than once a year*

Today is Cyber Monday; just another day where our society indulges in consumerism and taking in - after just having given thanks this Friday - over #Thanksgiving dinner.

Neuroscience @voxdotcom seems to be revealing a link between practicing #gratitude and #charitable giving. We hope you'll be using this neural connection to give back to the community today and tomorrow during #givingtuesday2020.

Moreover, we at Social Friday have it as our mission to cultivate thanksgiving and giving back more than once a year. So if you want to give beyond Thanksgiving, and Giving Tuesday, join Social Friday, a ready platform to help you give back to the community.

For a healthier economy, a better world -- use the power of Social Friday.

Social Friday x @germinngo collab

Social Friday will be presented at the biggest Albanian #diaspora conference; which will gather leaders & professionals from all over the 🌎.

Yes, we are using our #Friday afternoon to share with others the goodness of #SocialFriday.

If you’re wondering why particularly Albanian diaspora; it’s because our founder, Fikret Zendeli, is Swiss-Albanian. 🇦🇱🇨🇭

Check out @germinngo on how to register & join our session.

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