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Welcome to Social Friday

Join our Social Friday student network, and be the change you want to see in the world.

Let’s reinvent Fridays together!

    Be the change you want to see in society!

    Friday afternoon is the least productive time of the week. We challenge this status quo!
    Friday can be the best time for extracurricular activities that can bring positive changes to your community. So let’s reinvent Fridays together and make a positive impact on society!

    Let’s reinvent

    We dedicate four dates when we all get together worldwide and tackle social issues.

    • Q1 March 25
    • Q2 June 24
    • Q3 September 30
    • Q4 November 25

    We believe that students are THE catalysts for a better society and a healthier economy

    College life is about learning to interact with other people, developing new skills, preparing for the future, raising awareness about social issues, and taking action to correct the flaws of our society.

    Doing good takes so little, and can mean so much. We do it at regular intervals
    because we know that our community needs support throughout the whole year, not just before the holiday season. Repeating something, again and again, can turn altruism into a habit. A great habit to have in our future economic system!

    This is the best time to invest your energy, lead by example, build bridges in society, make an impact, and tackle important topics

    • Poverty
    • Human rights
    • Environmental issues

    We create social awareness

    • Hosted by


      Adults and young people cleaning Tønsberg. Social engagement to support the children working for a cleaner environment and raising awareness. More
      Event image
    • Hosted by


      Teaming up with refugees from Traiskirchen and pro-basketball players. Bringing communities together for fun, bonding, and ultimately hope for a better tomorrow. More
      Event image
    • Hosted by

      German Embassy

      Creating art, raising awareness, and learning more about persons with disabilities. Embassy staff and members of the local disabled community work together to build a better society for all. More
      Event image
    • Hosted by


      Engaging with senior citizens whose life experience and skills are a treasure to learn from. Charity work and social inclusion hand to hand. More
      Event image

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