The Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia Implemented Social Friday

With great pride we would like to announce that the 1st Social Friday of the Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia happened on Friday, February 22.

They partnered with the Public Institution for Care of Children with Educational and Social Issues “25 May” and spent time with the children and employees form this institution. They took them bowling, of course accompanied with their favorite food – pizza and had the chance to witness a day full of laughter and joy.

Integrating children from vulnerable background into society and everyday life and initiate positive memories for them, is something that should become a regular practice. Having an institution such as the Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia set the example, is an amazing way to create awareness on the matter.

Seeing the happiness of the children will sure be a further motivation for the Embassy to continue using the most unproductive period of the work week for many more valuable Social Friday activities that make a positive difference in the local community.

As they like to say: ”Look around and you’ll see dozens of opportunities where you and your team could make a real difference.”

Be the one who sees and creates opportunities in the local community and join our movement that makes positive changes around the globe.

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