5 CSR Ideas To Turn Into Your Social Friday Activity! 

Next Social Friday is around the corner and if you still haven’t decided what kind of event to host, keep reading, as we have some fresh ideas for you. But before we start, let us remind you, why hosting a Social Friday event is the best thing that can happen to your business, your employees, your community, and you as an individual.

Building customer loyalty

As Millennials and Gen Z become the driving force of the economy, appreciation for socially-responsible businesses continues to increase. As an entrepreneur, you are definitely shooting yourself in the leg if you aren’t considering this fact while strategizing and developing your business plan. 

Today, when social media is the go-to channel for interaction between customers and brands, while likes, shares, and engagement are the “currency” for corporate image and loyalty, implementing Social Friday activities can be a deciding factor determining your level of success.

Hosting a Social Friday event is not only the most effective way to achieve that, but it also won’t cost you money. Quite the opposite. You are probably losing money in form of wasted time and potential every Friday. Our study on job productivity conducted by the online market research company Marketagent from Austria, with over 4,000 interviews of employees in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, USA, UK, France, Italy, and Argentina, confirms that Friday is in fact the least productive day of the week in all countries. 

So, it’s up to you how you spend these unproductive office hours – by scrolling through TikTok videos, browsing Instagram posts, and exchanging small talk about the upcoming weekend, or by engaging with the community, networking, building a stronger team, and creating unforgettable experiences.

Workplace well-being

When hosting a Social Friday event, you’re engaging your employees — and engaging your employees makes them happier and keeps them around longer. 

Engaging employees is especially important right now in times of virtual and remote work when face-to-face communication is a scarce commodity. Countries like Great Britain and Japan opened ministries for loneliness as a response to the increasingly negative impact of isolation. People often go for days and weeks without seeing a familiar face in person. In a survey conducted in 2018, nearly 50% of Americans said they felt alone, while in 2020 that percentage jumped to 61. An 11% increase in just two years!

Engaging your employees in socially impactful activities shows them that you care and think about issues outside of business. It also helps your employees see how the business fits into the community and impacts the world around them.

Helping the community

Workplace corporate social responsibility also provides a way to impact and influence your local community and the world positively. When your company hosts a Social Friday, you’re placing a high value on building a healthy and developed society, one that everyone deserves. 

The idea of Social Friday is to activate companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals to organize themselves and work together on four selected dates throughout the year and across the world. It’s a repetitive experience that can turn your generosity into a habit of doing good. 

Marketagent, an online research agency from Austria is the perfect representative of the community heroes who participated in every Social Friday event since 2019 and has offered their volunteering help to a handful of non-profit organizations. 

Regardless of the organizations, you choose to partner with, it’s important that you get employees involved and connected with local or global opportunities.

Doing good feels good

Giving back to the community can benefit you as an individual too. Let’s face it. The success of your company can have a bitter taste if the society around you isn’t thriving. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that when we give help, in return we strengthen our own self-confidence and boost our self-esteem.

Now that we are on the same page, let us inspire you for your next Social Friday event, happening on June 24th.

5 CSR Ideas to turn into your next Social Friday activity

1 – Volunteer in an assisted living residence

Swiss-Macedonian company Breon engages with senior citizens whose life experience and skills are a treasure to learn fro

2 – Clean up your neighborhood

Social engagement to support the children working for a cleaner environment and raising awareness. Foredreløftet from Norway teamed up with local children to clean the town of Tønsberg.

3 – Volunteer in an orphanage center

Oriflame from Latvia visiting an orphanage center to spend time playing with the kids and helping them to get ready for the new school year.

4 – Raise awareness

German Embassy in North Macedonia hosting an event to raise awareness about persons with disabilities.

5 – Support refugees

Bringing communities together for fun, bonding, and ultimately hope for a better tomorrow. The Austrian online research agency Marketagent teamed up with refugees from Traiskirchen and pro-basketball players.

Let’s reinvent Fridays together

At the next Social Friday event, on June 24th, companies, organizations, and volunteers across the globe will get together to celebrate generosity and doing good, through working together, exchanging valuable knowledge, and creating unforgettable, life-long memories.

Are YOU in?

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