A team-building that matters

Have you ever played the game Talking in circles?
It is a fun game where a group of people is requested to join around a long piece of string tied at the end to form a circle. Then, the group has to create rectangles, squares, triangles, and other shapes with the string. And for it to be more complicated and fun, the group is also asked to shut their eyes and do different shapes only by communicating.

In the children’s world, this is called a fun game, but in the corporate world, the game represents team building.
From a company’s point of view, knowing the power of team building is crucial. This is why companies in the past few years pay so much attention to team building. Why? Because the team is the company’s core. And when there is a healthy core, there is also a successful company.

The synergy

People tend to rely on people. Whether it is the workplace or somewhere else, people want to be supported by being part of a team.

And sometimes people forget how powerful a team can be. The impact of team building can progress into positive changes; changes in the workplace, in society, and the environment. That is something that Social Friday firmly stands for. To make a positive change for a better future, through team building.

The teams’ synergy can make a powerful impact on society. “Alone, we can do so little, and together, we are doing so much”. Nowadays, companies recognize the value of teams and the awareness of teams’ synergy benefits. They organize team buildings to create a happier workplace and improve the communication and skills of employees.

Social Friyay!

Friyay is just a fancy wordplay that describes the beginning of the fun part of the week. But, we at Social Friday want to think that there is something more to it. And by more, we mean much more! Our idea for team building is to turn unproductive hours into something useful for society. Instead of googling Fun activities for team building, you and your team can join our next gathering event.

What do we do at those events? A lot of social awareness will be more than just fun team building and useful for the community.

Let’s talk more about why team-building matters.

For the local community

Teams who join on Social Friday events work together to create something valuable for the local community. It’s the things that we do and not the things that we say, that stay remembered. And a team focused on working on local social projects more often, can-do positive changes for the community.

The work of every individual contributing to society is the first step toward building a better future. Now, can you imagine the work of a whole team? What about the work of a global Social Friday community? We are unstoppable!

For the companies

Nowadays, companies are more focused on their corporate social responsibility image. They see taking part in social activities as a powerful marketing tool for their business. Addressing social problems can create additional value for their brand recognition. And turning their least productive hours into something that matters can be an opportunity for business growth.

By building the right path for the business, companies can bring positive changes to society.

For the NGOs

The work of nonprofit organizations includes social activities. In a way, they are playing a very important part in society. But to form an organization, you need the right people. And to do something for the society you need to build relationships and improve communication.
Social activities for NGO teams can bring a lot to the table, especially when it comes to participating in the promotion of social change, building a better future for society, and improving communities.

If you are an NGO, Social Friday is something you might be interested in. See here

For the students

Students are the moving force of society. Their mindset is built to seek the unknown. They are curious, brave, and persistent. That is why students can be a powerful

mechanism for a better environment. They can do a lot individually and a lot more in a group.
Students who have participated in Social Friday events have volunteered, recycled, and contributed to local communities. And by doing all of this, not only do they help the society, but they also improve their social skills and increase their chances of building the perfect resume for future employment.

Team building is crucial in every aspect. People’s synergy transferred in participating in social activities can result in a better effect than the sum of every person individually. So, why do it alone?

Our cause is encouraging individuals and teams to join together four times a year (once each quarter) for Social Friday events and contribute to social activities for a better future. Team building matters! And once you put your effort to turn your least productive hours into doing good deeds, there comes just the reward of self-awareness about your strengths and capabilities as a human being.

When we do good for society and repeat it, it turns into a habit. And what is better than the habit of kindness? Social Friday events are not about corporate numbers, instead, they are all about creating a lifestyle of doing good.

Are you in for our next Social Friday event?
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