A Winning Opportunity for Nonprofits Hosting a Social Friday

There are a lot of articles on the internet focused on corporate social responsibility. But, when readers google nonprofit organizations, there are few sources that dedicate a small number of words to NPOs, their benefits, and social causes. 

Every nonprofit organization has a cause and is devoted to creating a community of people dedicated to that cause. Social Friday is an initiative with the purpose to reinvent Fridays and challenge the status quo. It is a great example of how organizations can dedicate themselves to a cause, and organize events and different social activities related to that cause.

Social Friday embraces togetherness and creates a community of people who are like-minded to the mission. The organization activates companies, NPOs, and student volunteers to organize social events four times a year.

Organizing such events has a meaningful impact inside and outside the organization. In order to explain in more detail why hosting a Social Friday event as an NPO can be a winning opportunity, we are going to talk more about its benefits.

Social Friday is your Black Friday

The retail industry has its Black Friday. It’s a celebration of consumerism, materialism and excessive spending. Social Friday has the potential to become as important for the NPO sector as Black Friday is for the retail sector, but in this case, as a celebration of togetherness, good deeds and generosity. We encourage you to open your doors, and invite local companies to increase the chances of long-term support from local businesses. If the retail can have one Black Friday at the end of the year, you can have four of them throughout the year. 

Raise awareness

Every nonprofit organization is working on a specific social cause. Raising awareness can be helpful when an organization wants to increase its visibility to the public and strengthen the significance of its work. In that way, organizations can more easily achieve their goals with a community of like-minded people who will work for the same cause. 

NPOs have difficulties raising awareness for their cause and how they influence the local community. Unlike companies and big corporations, NPOs don’t have enough budget to invest in marketing and media coverage. And most of the time, nonprofit organizations rely on companies who help them by sponsoring their event. 

There can be different ways in which you can raise awareness for your cause:

  • Host a social event
  • Write an effective press release
  • Efficiently use your social media
  • Organize a small community service project
  • Create brochures and pamphlets

To increase awareness, you need to share your organization’s accomplishments. Being a host of a Social Friday event with your partner company will allow you to create content to be shared on your social media channels. You can make your own success story and share your experience of being a participant in Social Friday events.

When sharing the same values and addressing important questions, you can expand your possibilities to raise awareness around society. Having more people focusing on the same cause can result in community betterment.

Increase the visibility of your mission

When it comes to achieving your goals, getting exposure and visibility can be crucial. But, visibility is not enough if you want to go above and beyond. You have to be more focused on finding new volunteers, and companies who want to partner with your organization and drive generous donations. There are many ways to create opportunities for finding new volunteers, partners, and generous donations. Here are some of the ways that will help you boost the visibility of your nonprofit organization and at the same time get the needed exposure for growing:

  • Make the most out of your Social Friday events
  • Be vocal about the accomplishments on social media
  • Share your expertise and successful projects
  • Nurture your partnership

In order to increase the visibility of your mission, you’ll need some extra budget. As we previously mentioned, unlike companies, NPOs have smaller budgets to increase their exposure. That is why hosting a Social Friday event by partnering with a company can open many opportunities for you as an organization. 

Drive more donations to your organization

Social Friday is an initiative that creates togetherness and challenges the status quo. Participating with your partner company on a Social Friday event will benefit you in many ways. It will help you focus on your most important issues and it will open a lot of possibilities and future chances.

Throwing an event is one of the best ways to bring people together who have the same idea of doing good deeds. Participating in Social Friday events can open a lot of opportunities in making new contacts, and potential partners, plus a chance to connect with your supporters on a deeper level.

We can surely say that word-of-mouth can be one of the most powerful marketing tactics for a nonprofit. People rely on the trust of their friends and family more than they’ll ever rely on the information on any other channel. A 2016 paper in the journal of Interactive Marketing, says that nonprofits have a bigger chance over for-profits on social media because consumers find it far easier to endorse them. 

As a nonprofit, you can use word-of-mouth marketing to drive donations, inspire volunteers and bring sponsors to your events.

You should know that hosting an event can be a great way to drive more donations to your organization. You will likely be refused donations if you ask a random company. However, a company that has already collaborated with your organization and is already emotionally invested in your mission, is more likely to give you the needed support for your organization in the long term.

The friendship you have created and nurtured through Social Friday events can allow you the probability of receiving a donation when you ask them. They can help you by donating, asking other business partners to donate, or even organizing a donor event.

Gain long-term support 

If an organization has a clear mission statement and long-term goals, it can easily gain long-term support. Gaining that kind of support depends on how well the nonprofit organization fulfills its mission. The more dedicated you become, the more support you are going to have in the long term.

Creating long-lasting relationships between NPOs and companies means creating a strong partnership that will rely on trust and support. Such an example is BREON, which is continuously hosting Social Friday events with the Daycare Center Suto Orizari. By taking into consideration the NPO’s needs, and planning and executing social activities, BREON is giving its full support to the nonprofit organization. 

People rely mostly on past experiences. They will continue working and collaborating with you if you provide what they needed in the first place. And the same happens with NPOs when they are focusing on the achievement of their cause.

Let’s challenge the status quo!

Together, we can create social awareness. Embracing the fact that more people can have a bigger influence on society, can evolve into more people participating in social activities. 

Being a part of the Social Friday events increases the visibility of your mission and creates the opportunity to find lasting support for your NPO.

You are not only growing your nonprofit organization, but you also become more efficient, and more successful, and you are a part of an amazing experience by serving as a great example to others.

Do you want to be a part of our upcoming Social Friday event? Come aboard by joining our community with your cause! Find your partner company and host volunteers at the upcoming event.

When we work together, we can build a better future for all. Let’s join teams and make a positive change in society!

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