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Why Friday ?

Friday is the least productive day of the week. Towards the end of the working week, people are no longer fully focused. The enthusiasm for work drops sharply, especially after 2 p.m.

What if we use these inefficient Friday afternoons to display our social responsibility?

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Productivity during the last working hours of a typical working week

Source: Marketagent
Sample: 10 countries


Get involved

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Why four times a year? 

We’ve chosen this number because of three important factors for our mission: giving behavior, people’s psychology, and the business cycle.

Did you know that more than 30% of giving happens in December. The community needs support throughout the whole year, not just before the holiday season. By addressing this need, we offer non-profit organizations the opportunity to increase the visibility of the causes they support year-round.

Visibility and awareness are the spark plugs for change. When we see an issue, we can take the first step to find a solution. Committing to giving back at regular intervals turns that into our habit. This habit boosts the impact of what we’ve given. It frees non-profit organizations to devote more time and energy to their goal: improving our society.

Finally, we believe that the economy stands for more than financial results. We aim to incorporate social engagement into the fiscal calendar. By committing to four annual dates of organized engagement in the community, you can transform your corporate culture from a cycle of quarterly reports into quarterly acts of generosity. 

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How to do it

With Social Friday, businesses, non-profit organizations, and students can find a common ground and develop a partnership. Collaboration is key in building strong relationships which allow everyone to support each other and thrive!


Give help


  1. Team up with an NPO
  2. Plan a Social Friday activity
  3. Create an event here


Get help


  1. Invite a company
  2. Plan a Social Friday activity
  3. Create an event here


Get involved


  1. Form a group with an NPO
  2. Plan a Social Friday activity
  3. Create an event here

Event guide

Before the event


  • Plan your resources
  • List people to invite
  • Assign the roles
  • Announce on social media

During the event


  • Arrive early
  • Start on time
  • Enjoy your activity
  • Take photos and videos
  • Share via #SocialFriday
  • Clean up before you leave

After the event


  • Send out a press release
  • Send us a short description
  • Send us at least 10 photos
  • Send us a video (30-120 sec.)
  • Let us share your story.

What we will do for you

We will upload the images and videos from your Social Friday event on our website and maintain your company’s gallery for each event. You can share your experience with your customers, supporters, and friends with one click from your Socal Friday profile and increase the visibility of your commitment.

Do you have questions? Let’s get in touch.

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