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Doing good takes so little. You don’t even need us. However, our support ensures that you get the most out of your commitment. And being part of Social Friday costs you nothing. There is no member fee.

And still we expect quite a lot from you. In order for you to continue benefiting long after Friday afternoon and for us to further develop our joint initiative, we need your commitment – during but also after the event. This basically means two things:


Send All the Stuff In!

  • a short description of the activity
  • at least 10 photos
  • one video (30–120 seconds) – shot with a phone or professional camera
  • the completed Social Friday feedback form

You don’t have to be Annie Leibovitz or Steven Spielberg, but it’s worth putting a little effort into photography and filming. Keep a few important aspects in mind, and you’ll be surprised what difference they make – or let us take over the burden for you.

Need Help?

If you are not yet a professional in video production or event management, we have compiled the most important points in our guides.

Event Guide
Stay true to the philosophy of the three wise men Ben, Sam and Snoop.


Video Guide
All you have to do to benefit from the advantages of mobile video is follow a couple of easy steps.


Editing Guide
Let us give you some advice you can use while in the “cutting room” so you can edit videos like a pro.


What We Will Do for You (for free)

  • Social Friday is not a one-off thing. We will commit you to regular events.

    Otherwise, nobody does.

  • Social Friday will spread your efforts on its social media channels.

    Yes, there is a hashtag.

  • Social Friday will feature your photos and videos on its website.

    Get ready to prettify your logo. It will get a lot of exposure.

  • Social Friday will award you with a label to show off your engagement.

    The bigger the engagement, the nicer the color.

Join for Free

What We Can Do for You (cost-covering)

  • Social Friday can find you a charity.

    If it’s a match, all the following events will go down like a charm.

  • Social Friday can help you organize your event.

    I know what you’re thinking now: How do I get one of these fancy sweaters?

  • Social Friday can assist you with the shooting of your video.

    It’s no accident that there are also movie awards for the best cut.

  • Social Friday can consult you on any aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Everything you always wanted to know about CSR but were afraid to ask.

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