Being a Force For Good Doesn’t Need to Cost The Earth – Bulgaria’s First Social Friday

Worried that a lack of funding rules you out of organising a Social Friday activity? We’re telling you right now that it’s people not cash that create the best times and the best activities. Don’t believe us? Check out this amazing news from Bulgaria:

Earlier in June the generous team at the Creative Activities Academy at Plovdiv University, created an activity that brought together families, friends and supporters from all walks of life. The team organised an afternoon of bracelet making at the Anglia Café to sell and raise money for the I Want a Baby Foundation, a charity helping families achieve their dream of having a child.

Senior council official Nina Bankova, from Plodiv’s Social Affairs department joined the fun, alongside Teodora Sindjirlieva, Regional Coordinator of the Agency for People With Disabilities and Kremena Stoianova, Head of the Board of the Parallel World Association.

Dr Penio Georgiev from Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski said: “What an amazing first activity to carry out. So simple, so low cost but something that brought together so many members of the community for a great cause.”

Fikret Zendeli – Founder of Social Friday added: “We love these kind of Social Friday activities because they encapsulate all that’s at the heart of our mission. I know that the Creative Activities Academy has since carried out a second and third Social Friday activity and will no doubt organise many more in the future.”

Be part of something big, a force for good and an initiative that’s sweeping the world: be part of Social Friday.

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