Can Volunteering Inspire Teamwork, Strengthen Your Confidence and Boost Sales?

In short – ABSOLUTELY! There are many marketing efforts that can help boost sales for your company, but there are few things that will give you longevity with your existing and new customers more than pulling your arms up and coming together to support local communities. The reason why is based on the psychology of the consumers, and the root of our morals and values as human beings. We might not notice it on a daily basis, but we very often make decisions based on several other factors than the end product in itself. Let’s take a look at the factors that plays a role when we as consumers choose one brand over the other, and how this understanding can be the driving force to make powerful, conscious and meaningful choices for your company.


The Modern Consumer Relates To Brands

The psychology of the consumer has changed over the last years – with internet being the force of nature that has brought endless brand information to consumers worldwide. The relationship between company and customer are based on a naked view in to the soul and vision of the brand. Users and consumers can find endless information about the daily doings and efforts of each brand, and will with time consider whether the personality of the brand suits their own. It’s a personal relationship – where we showcase our own morals and traits based on the brands we chose to associate with. Science has shown that when we see the logo of a company that we like and support, activity is triggered in the ventral medial frontal pole, which which is the area of the brain where we develop our self-esteem and the idea of who we are. 


A More Meaningful Workplace

Creating events for your employees outside of the workplace to build a sense of community and team-building is a known benefit for the everyday satisfaction of your employees. This can involve after-work parties, dinners and trips to bring your team closer together. When combining this with social projects with the aim of helping local communities the events bring a whole nother element that allows each individual to feel needed and useful in their community. When experiencing this together with other individuals in your team – you eliminate differences in personalities and skills, and come together for a greater cause. Offering this to your team as a company, you show your colleagues that your company has values and visions that stretches further than the financial aspect. You become a social entrepreneur – a visionary for the future. Finding a social event that is aligned with your target group and brand is a great way to expand on your business idea. As a bottom line – you become a company that is subject to good-will from both your employees, the consumer and your community!


How Can You Start Right Now?

Social Friday is a concept that aims to gather community efforts under an already established umbrella of businesses with the same aim – create a happier workplace, strengthen team-building and support your community. By using our platform you will get the support you need to organize events and it gives you the opportunity to become part of a greater network of likeminded businesses. We will support you along the way with materials and further marketing of your efforts, which more often than not strengthens the end result. Are you interested in learning more about how you can organize your first Social Friday Activity? Sign up today or contact us for more information!

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