Cleaning Up The World One Step At A Time

Though home to less than 300 residents, Volkovija in North Macedonia, is a popular visitor destination but with an influx of people comes the inevitable litter problem and that’s where the Breon team felt compelled to step in.

The stunning woodland and tranquil surroundings had become victim to the scourge that is dropped rubbish and the team, armed with grabbers and plastic bags were determined to restore this haven back to its beautiful best.



Maja Meglenova, Architect in Breon said: “While we can’t, sadly, solve the environmental problems that our country faces we can do our very best to help raise awareness of the issues and tackle challenges when they arise. We want to see more and more people recycling and thinking about how they dispose of their litter and we want to see natural landscapes free from trash. Taking time out on a Friday afternoon to carry out an activity that we feel so strongly about is what Social Friday is all about and I’m glad our team is a part of it.”


Because no Social Friday activity is complete without an element of fun, the Breon team held a BBQ to say thanks to everyone who took part (making sure not to leave anything behind, naturally).

North Macedonia is a country not fully up to speed when it comes to green matters and with very few recycling bins, most rubbish ends up in the same place. Bins crammed full of trash are prone to overflowing and the problem soon escalates.

That’s where initiatives such as Social Friday can step in to help. Working with the community to help solve problems is at the heart of this global initiative. Businesses giving over Friday afternoons for staff to carry out helpful, local action is making a real difference in all kinds of communities, all around the world. Where will your Social Friday take you?

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