Galeksia’s pawesome visit at the dog shelter Lajka

On November 26 – the teams of Galeksia, a Digital Marketing Institute, and CRUX, a small local business, both from North Macedonia, got to spend the day with a whole bunch of furry friends. At their first Social Friday Activity, they decided to team up with Lajka, a local animal shelter, to volunteer, make donations and help the staff.

The wonderful staff at Lajka assist them with the activities like cleaning, grooming, bathing, feeding, and walking the animals. The Galeksia team also got the chance to get informed about the animals and the proper care of each of them at the center. They learned all about their feeding schedule, behavior, where they came from, and the adoption process and regulations. And got to remember their adorable names!

Lajka works hard every day to keep more animals out from the street and protect them from harmful situations. They have an active adoption program, domestic and international, and run many things to increase the chance for the dogs to get a permanent home. Once a dog enters their shelter, they start with identification, then health examinations and general care until they get adopted.

The team at Galeksia agreed on one thing – this visit to the dog shelter was a stress relief therapy! Spending time with the animals and getting to feel the unconditional love of these furry dogs, getting to know more about the ways the issue with stray dogs is being handled, and hearing advice first-hand from the restless staff members was a genuinely worthy time spent.

They discuss ways with the staff at Lajka on how to get involved more in the volunteering activities in the future and assist them in the overall care of the animals and the adoption activities.

Even though this was their first Social Friday activity, it surely won’t be the last! This was a perfect opportunity to spend the unproductive hours from Friday afternoon and donate their time to an organization that really needs help and support. 

Get inspired and join them at the next Social Friday event on March 25, 2022, and participate in a volunteering initiative of your choice.

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