IP Austria teams up with e.motion Lichtblickhof for their 1st Social Friday

IP Austria has been part of the Social Friday community since November 2019. For our first social activity we supported the great organization e.motion Lichtblickhof.

e.motion Lichtblickhof accompanies and supports children, adolescents and families who are burdened by traumatic experiences, illness, death or disability through therapeutic work with animals. Once a year, the “Advent-Fest” takes place at the Lichtblickhof in Vienna, where we had the chance to attend for the first time this year.

Exceptionally, we had to interrupt the actual system of Social Friday on our first activity. But since the “Adventfest” started at 11.00 o’clock in the morning, and we absolutely wanted to be there, all participants of the company had to split into three different time slots. So we could arrange that as of 08.00 o’clock there were always employees of the IP Austria on site to help where ever it was needed.

The first slot helped with the construction. Here it was about to help e.motion with the final preparations for the festivity, to clean the stables, to place decoration etc.

After three hours there was a shift change: Here then the 2. Slot supported with activities during the festival in selling cakes and different other things, supporting the kids in doing handicraft stuff etc.

The colleagues of the 3. slots were responsible for the dismantling. We did our best to leave the stable again broom clean.

“The feedback from the colleagues after the first Social Friday was consistently positive. It was an unforgettable experience to be part of this truly impressive organization for a day. For many of us, it was indeed unfamiliar to receive so much honestly meant gratitude for – according to us-  not doing something special. That was a great experience and had also a positive effect on our team spirit. As IP Austria, we are proud to be part of the Social Friday Community in Austria”, says Head of Marketing, Claudia Schabata.

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