Retrospective of the 4Q22 Social Friday event

SOCIAL FRIDAY is the New Black! 2’000 new trees against Black Friday! 
Social Friday Challenges Businesses to Transform Antisocial Black Friday Into a Social Experience with a Positive Impact for Local Communities.

Saving the world isn’t an easy job, as the recent compromises of the COP27 Summit showed. If global leaders can’t solve these pressing issues, what hope does the average person have? 
According to Social Friday, small changes locally can make big changes globally. Businesses, NGOs, and student organizations can contribute by joining the Social Friday movement to do social good in their local communities.

Black Friday is a frenzy of great deals at great cost to the environment with an unsustainable amount of production, transportation, and consumption of goods and the resulting waste,” says Fikret Zendeli, the Founder of Social Friday. Some activists suggest that we replace Friday with a ‘Do Nothing Day’ – at Social Friday, we say do something; get out there in your local community and do social good!” 

Although Black Friday delivered a $9 billion boon to the economy in 2020, it was also the most polluting one in the event’s history, with 429,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses released on one day alone in the UK. Combined with the sobering statistic that 80% of items end up as waste, Black Friday’s name is well-deserved when it comes to the environment.

We all know how unproductive a normal Friday afternoon is – and how social good can transform local communities” adds Zendeli. “Social Friday takes unproductive Friday afternoons in the office and uses them as a productive force for good that supports the local community. It’s a win for everyone.” 

This Social Friday we have done so much, and the results say a lot about our effort! Here’s the Retrospective from the last Social Friday event for this year – Social Friday is the new Black 4Q22!

REPLEK in cooperation with Project Happiness

The employees from Replek together with Project Happiness from Macedonia have once more supported the Social Friday initiative by donating vitamins for the children and grown ups.

MARKETAGENT in cooperation with Ute Bock Refugee Project in Vienna

On the other side of the world, the company Marketagent put smiles on the faces of the children at the Ute Bock Refugee Project in Vienna, by providing them food, goods and needed learning materials.

BREON in cooperation with Treebanks, Faculty of Forestry from Skopje, Dren, Zero Waste and Municipal fire union and Secondary municipal vocational school Ilinden

The engineers from BREON together with the Faculty of Forestry from Skopje, the student organization “Dren”, Treebanks volunteers, Zero Waste organization, Municipal fire union and Secondary municipal vocational school Ilinden, did afforestation on a beautiful location in Skopje with 2000 trees that were donated with each subscribe to Breon’s newsletter!
If a small company from North Macedonia can plant thousands of trees in one day, imagine how would the world look like if big companies around the globe would be planting trees instead of doing Black Friday.

Speed Engineers

The Speed Engineers spent a whole day with the elderly from “Home for the elderly” in Tirana. They created a whole another experience different from their daily lives by going to a restaurant in the countryside where they were dancing and singing together, while enjoying the delicious food.

While giving back to community, Social Friday also gives employees a guilt-free Friday afternoon. Making a difference with all the benefits of traditional team-building exercises and boosting productivity for the working week.

Do you notice the enormous potential and positive impact Social Friday has upon the people and the communities around the world? Challenge the status quo of the most unproductive time and use those hours to give back to communities, tackle social issues and positively impact society!

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