Shooting Hoops With Social Friday

What does a professional basketball team, a group of refugees, a charity and a business have in common? It can only be Social Friday.

Taking to the courts for an afternoon of competition and great fun, staff from Marketagent organised the match as part of their commitment to bringing communities together. They were joined by some pro players from the Lions Bundesliga team, staff from Lebenshilfe Baden (a charity that supports vulnerable people in the community) and refugees from Traiskirchen.

Sabine Krakora from the “LIONS Care” charity project explains: “We would like to thank Marketagent not only for their coming and their generous support for our LIONS Care project, but also for their commitment to provide us with a donation in kind of 60 pairs of new sneakers for the participants in our weekly LIONS Care Trainings and, of course, for the physical effort they showed this afternoon.

This match is one of several actions that Marketagent, the leading online market research group in Austria, has organised. Previous activities have included taking sleeping bags to homeless people on the streets of Vienna and helping to build onsite accommodation for the families of seriously ill children in hospital.

Fikret Zendeli, founder of Social Friday, explains: “Marketagent and all those involved in the match know the value of bringing together people from all walks of life. The Social Friday initiative is about turning those non-productive downtimes on a Friday afternoon in your office into fun, bonding and ultimately helpful actions.’’

Lisa Patek from Marketagent adds: “Social Friday activities are always something special for us as they are a great way for our team to socialize and spend a Friday afternoon.
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