Support from The Top for Social Friday

It’s not always what you know, it’s also who you know and when you are supported from the German Ambassador to Macedonia, you’re definitely doing something right.

Our team met with His Excellency, German Ambassador Thomas Gerberich on Monday (10th December) to promote some warm feelings around our fantastic movement and hand over some Social Friday Christmas gifts for him and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (AM).



This wasn’t the first visit for the team who floated the idea of Social Friday past the ambassador back in June. It was discussed how setting aside some time on Fridays to get involved with community activities and good causes has a knock-on effect to society as a whole.

Mr. Gerberich agrees whole-heartedly with the campaign and has lent his support to a movement that is changing lives, one Social Friday at a time.



“Everywhere you look in the society, there is a need for help. We, the German embassy try to find ways to give our support as much as we can. In these challenging times, we should all work together.” – Thomas Gerberich, German Ambassador in Macedonia.

This is just the start of the promotional work and there are big plans afoot to promote the movement across Europe and beyond!



Leyla Agush, from our Social Friday team, said: “The beauty of a campaign like this is that it appeals to everyone. Whether you’re the CEO of a large company, a community group in need of some extra help or even an Ambassador, everyone can appreciate the impact Social Friday can make. This is simply about all of us working together to achieve some common good. Hanging out with your teammates, having fun and creating a difference to your community is amazing and we think each and every person who joins counts too!”

The initiative is about creating awareness and change, not just a little, but a whole lot by getting involved in the communities and organisations right on our doorsteps. We want to use the platform to promote a strong determination to bring people together and improve the lives of communities across the world.


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