The German Embassy and Polio Plus Unite to Smash Barriers

Another first for Social Friday, thanks to the team at the German Embassy in North Macedonia. Working with the Skopje-based charity, Polio Plus, Embassy staff and members of the local disabled community set about smashing barriers and creating beautiful art. In this first Social Friday activity at the Ambassador’s residence, the group put their artistic hats on and created some stunning canvases using graffiti spray paint, stencils and their imaginations.

The German Embassy is one of 74 foreign representations in the region, with the residence located in the heart of Skopje.

German Ambassador Thomas Gerberich had this to say about the first Social Friday activity;

‘’ The Social Friday Initiative is an outstanding example of social engagement that aims to bring together the most diverse groups in society. That’s why I like to support this initiative. This time, it was about focusing attention on disabled people, who too often find it difficult to participate in social life.’’

Polio Plus- movement against is a leader, active creator and carrier of the essential changes for building a world as a society in which all people with disabilities participate fully as equal citizens. It strives to bring greater integration between people with disability and the wider community in Skopje and beyond.

It is a civil society organization for persons with and without disabilities that works on the essential connection and full realization of the basic human rights, strengthening the self-confidence of people with disabilities and creating a society with equal opportunities for all.

The greatest focus is placed on raising general awareness on the needs of people with disability as well as their creative expression, which due to the barriers in the society is often left aside.” says Kristina Naceva from Polio Plus.

A barbecue together brought the day to a close with the promise of many more Social Friday activities to come. The canvases themselves will first go on display in the city and then auctioned off with all the profits going to Polio Plus.
Fikret Zendeli from Social Friday said: “This activity tells you everything you need to know about Social Friday. We’re passionate believers in changing the world one activity at a time. By putting aside physical limitations, working together and focussing on creating some great art we are tearing down those invisible barriers and uniting people from all walks of life.

Are you ready to hold your own Social Friday activity? Could you help us make the world a better place and give your team a chance to bond over a great cause? Get in touch today and let’s work together to make Fridays more sociable.

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