Stop collecting stuff and start collecting meaningful experiences !

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that together we achieve so much more.

It’s why the Social Friday event in November was a smash. Under the motto ”Stop collecting stuff and start collecting meaningful experiences” volunteers, driven by a common purpose and vision, came together on this symbolic date to change the world for a better tomorrow. And changing a small piece of the world is exactly what we did at the last Social Friday of 2021. Coinciding with Black Friday, the event offered a thoughtful alternative to the $9 billion-dollar consumerist rampage with the challenge to stop collecting stuff and start collecting meaningful experiences.

Teams formed of volunteers from a diverse number of private companies and public bodies offered their time and their skills to spread a little light across Macedonia.

The Appliance of Science

At the EVN exhibition centre, more than 20 children were treated to an afternoon learning about electricity. The entertaining and interactive event was staged as part of the company’s commitment to its community and as the largest employer in North Macedonia, the impact they’re making is huge.

Meanwhile Digicube and Dua Ylberin were demonstrating coding to children with disabilities, helping the young people unlock their potential as future game makers, website designers and industry leaders.


At the Lajka dog shelter, volunteers from Vrootok, Crux and Galeksia were getting some dog therapy with abandoned street animals, learning the vital contribution pet adoption makes in providing on-going care for these poor pups.


Over at the Daycare Center for Street Children in Skopje the Breon team spent time playing with the children, giving out gifts and planning how to keep supporting the center for the long term.

Life Saving Teams

Finally, there was Dr Valon Asani and his team from the Interventional Cardiology department at the Hospital of Tetova. With health care costs often staggeringly prohibitive, Dr Asani and his colleagues carried out check-ups and surgeries at no cost throughout the day, including an emergency procedure.

Each event unique, each bringing change and, in some cases, saving lives. The power of any Social Friday event is in the people who drive it forward, offering their time and commitment, not just once but consistently and genuinely throughout the months and years.

Can you add to the momentum with your own Social Friday event?

Our next planned date is March 25th, 2022. Get in touch to find out how your company can get involved.



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