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Be Aware

Awareness is the sparkplug for change.
Only if we are aware of the need, do we consider to make a contribution.

Social Friday is about awareness. But it’s also about going one step further, tackling social issues and making a difference.

We know about the benefits of doing social good. We know about the unproductive hours on Friday afternoons. Let’s use these facts for a better society – for a healthier economy. Let’s reinvent Fridays together. Fikret Zendeli, Founder

Be Playful

At first, our social engagement is a playful tryout, then it starts a habit, and finally, it becomes a lifestyle.
We use the repetition of the corporate cycle. Not for quarterly reports, but to start a chain of good.

Social Friday uses gamification methods to playfully ignite a repeating cycle. Not for profit, but to inspire people.

Grow Together

Doing good together generates a strong bond.
Strong bonds build strong teams.
Strong teams make companies successful.

Social Friday uses the most unproductive time of the week to build teams and have fun while doing good.

Feel Good

When we do good, we feel good.
The first step is hard, the rest will follow suit.
There is a lot of power in the positive, which in turn brings about good things.

Social Friday is about doing good in order to feel good. For you as a person. For you as a team. For you as a company.


Social Friday – Reinvent Fridays and create social awareness.

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