What Happens When an Interventional Cardiologist Take Up The SOCIAL FRIDAY Cause?

The results are nothing short of life changing. That was the experience for many who were treated, for free by the Interventional Cardiology team from Tetova Hospital.

When health care professionals are already doing so much for humanity, Dr. Valon Asani and his team went one step further giving up their time and expertise for free.

Working with 20 doctors, nurses, medical students and laboratory technicians, Dr. Valon Asani carried out more than 68 proceduresincluding emergency surgery – on patients with serious heart problems.

In a country where healthcare costs are prohibitive for many, this intervention saved lives and all because Dr. Asani believes in and signed up to Social Friday’s day of action on November 26th.

The event was particularly special to the team who celebrated their 7th anniversary as a department earlier that month. With an emphasis on educating young doctors as well as meeting the health needs of the region they serve, this is a department dedicated to actively helping their community.

Doctors apply to work for seven years at the department treating elective patients in the morning and the more severe cases for the rest of the day (and night).

The hard work and dedication of the Interventional Cardiology department and their desire to share their expertise resonates with the whole Social Friday ethos. We might not all be able to offer life-saving surgeries, but we can give our time freely to serve the communities around us. The commitment is minimal, but the benefits are huge both for those offering their services and for those on the receiving end.

Social Friday’s next day of action takes place on March 25th, 2022. Will you be a part of it? Click here for further information.

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