What’s Missing In Your Resume?

Resume. Have you ever thought that the word resume can mean to resume something we have started? To explore more and to do more. Creating a resume is the easiest thing to do, but what’s in it means so much more.

Think about a situation where someone asked you to describe yourself in five words. How much time did that take? Well, now imagine describing yourself in more than five words. And voilà! You have your perfect resume.

The power of skills

If you open a resume template, you can see that the skills are placed at the bottom. Computer skills? Check. Social skills? Double-check! It’s something we include in our resume to bring additional value to it. But, skills are much more. They build our careers and most importantly, our lives. To be a public speaker, you must have public-speaking skills. And if you are an introvert, oops! Good luck to you.

To become something, you must learn and improve all the time. People’s efforts transferred into something valuable can last forever. So, why not start now?

Boost your resume

What does boosting your resume mean? Well, we’re going to talk more about that in the next paragraphs.
Boosting a resume means adding extra value to something you already have, your skills. Most people are social and they continuously work on their social skills. However, to be social requires much more. It means being around other people and learning from them; their gestures and the way they talk and act; it means to learn from each other and to learn together, constantly.
People sometimes boost their resumes to get a better job or to get paid more. But the reality is that people should strive to do more regardless. They should go for experiences and sharing stories, instead of a paragraph saying they have computer skills.

Learn from others

This is not a blog where you can read about 10 Ways to Boost Your Resume. We are here to serve you as a reminder to use what you already have. And the proper way to do that is through Social Friday events. We, as human beings, are built from emotions, empathy, and kindness. And we often forget to use the most natural skills we are born with.

But the concept of Social Friday is a great example to remind us how we can boost our resumes with our natural skills. Awareness is the sparkplug for change. Being aware of your capabilities can be your greatest gift. So, let’s turn your natural skills into a boost for your resume.

Be an example

The easy part is to create a resume template, and the hardest part is to fill it. To help you out, we’re going to talk more about Social Friday events.

The best way to turn unproductive hours into valuable work is by volunteering at Social Friday events. They happen four times a year, matching the corporate cycle of quarterly reports. It’s way more fun to upgrade your skills by doing a good deed, right?

So, what are the benefits of volunteering on Social Friday events? Boosting your resume is just the beginning, but you will also:

  • set a sign for a better society and a healthier economy,
  • develop new skills
  • make a good impression in front of your future employers,
  • widen your network
  • contribute positively to the wider and local community life.

An additional thing for your resume – You will become a great example for others!

Doing good can bring value to others but also to ourselves. By participating in social events, we create stories and memories. And let’s be real, what’s a better way to spice things up, than inviting your friends to a Social Friday event?

Let’s join teams and create invaluable experiences on next Social Friday on June 24th!

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