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Social gatherings began ever since Roman times. They used to socialize by organizing parties and public feasts in the center of the forum. Compared to nowadays, their social structure was slowly-paced, but they kept it lively by organizing parties and festivals.

Now, let’s jump straight to the 21st century, where everything has changed, even the small talk between people. Unlike the Romans, we sit next to each other and communicate through phones. People forget how important communication and socializing can be for their mental health.

Challenge the social status quo

If going out with your friends means standing still in the disco while the music plays and sharing stories on Instagram, it’s time for a social change. We keep going forward and adjusting to what the world brings to us. But what if we are the ones who can change the world? Start from yourself. What do you truly want? Showing your dance moves in the disco, or maybe meeting someone and starting a conversation?

We, as human beings, became so closed and vulnerable, and that is all because of our lack of communication and social skills. We are glued to our computers and phones and barely even talk with our families.

But in order to make changes around us, we have to make a change within us! Let’s transform our unproductive Friday hours, four times a year into helping the community. A small act of kindness can change a whole community.

Connect the dots

If we look at the Earth from a bird’s perspective, we human beings look like dots. We are always running somewhere and being late for something. Although looking from above, we all look like a group of million dots, each one representing an individual. And even though we can be one multitude, each of us is located aside from it.

If we master the art of connecting, it will be much easier to share our thoughts and understand people’s behavior. A study by Harvard proves that embracing a community makes people happier and helps them live longer. There are many more benefits from being a part of a community, such as shared knowledge, inspiration, connection, and belonging, but most important is your physical and mental health.

The best ways to be a part of a community are:

  • Volunteering for a local social cause
  • Trying new group hobbies
  • Getting involved in social activities

Need an opportunity for embracing a community? Find one at our upcoming event on the 30th of September.

Act globally

If you are in a community, then you already know its benefits. You can notice how your lifestyle has changed and you are happier by knowing you belong somewhere. But, now that you understand that, you have a bigger purpose – to act. 

Deliver the message of your community globally. If you volunteer in a dog shelter, you should be loud about your purpose, in this case, to shelter the street dogs. Or, if you care about the planet, you have to represent an example of an environmentally responsible person.

There are different ways in which you can act. And most of the time, you can influence and inspire people just by saying a simple sentence like “Save the Planet Earth ”. With every small act, you are making a positive difference.

Impact others

And last, but not least, a crucial part of being in a community is knowing how to impact others. And this is the part where we can give you a great example of how you can use your impact on others for a greater cause.

Social Friday is not just an initiative. It is more than that. Students, NPOs, and companies work together for the same purpose – To reinvent Fridays and challenge the status quo. That means that all of us connect, act and impact to use the least productive Friday hours, four times a year, to create a better society.

Every quarter, Social Friday participants organize events where people worldwide can connect and contribute to the common vision – reinventing Fridays and challenging the status quo in the most creative way. Whether your interest in doing a good deed connects to nature, animals, or people, when you participate in a Social Friday event, you are giving a strong statement against the status quo of the unproductive time.

Now, Let’s join teams and use the least productive time of the week to make a positive change!

This year’s third Social Friday event will be on the 30th of September. And we believe the power of community is becoming stronger with every event. As a student, an NPO, or a company, there are a lot of things you can change. By focusing on small acts, you can change the whole world.

Join our community and challenge the status quo!

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