From Canvas to Soul: Exploring Artistry with Milan Srbinoski

We’re buzzing with excitement for the upcoming Social Friday event and have been diligently preparing for a fantastic start to the year on March 29th. It’s a day when companies, nonprofits, and students will come together to collaborate for a greater impact.

Ahead of the event, artist Milan Srbinoski has designed the official poster, marking a splendid beginning to what promises to be another successful year of Social Fridays!

To learn more about Milan and his artistic perspective on the Social Friday initiative, we sat down with him for a brief interview.

Before we begin the interview, can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi! I’m Milan Srbinoski. I’m 28 years old artist living and working in Skopje, Macedonia. For almost 5 years I’ve been working as a tattoo artist and that makes my “everyday life” more interesting. I’ve been drawing, acting, painting, singing, and writing poetry my whole life, so I can surely say that I love art.

How do you define success as an artist?

I think success in art for me represents personal growth. Being humble and honest is something that moves me forward and makes me better and more successful. So, be a good and hard – working person, and one day you will reach the stars.

Describe how art is important for society?

Our life has been really fast these last 15 years. The information, the knowledge, and the internet gave us the world in front of us, but also took a lot of our inner freedom. Maybe it sounds counter – intuitive, but the knowledge takes away the happiness, and art is something that really can take society away from all the negativity and bring the “light in the room”.

With your poster, you left a positive mark on Social Friday. Tell us what being a part of Social Friday means to you?

You know, giving is receiving, so for me taking part in this project means a lot, because I left a mark on something that has the potential to become an every day habit in every country in the world.

Could you share the inspiration behind the design choices in your poster, and how they align with the intended message?

I was inspired by the people and their diversity. Society is made of people that are different, but they are all one thing – a human being. That is something that we should all remember. Social Friday wouldn’t exist without us humans and our acts, and the motto of the event says exactly that – “Good deeds speak louder than words”.

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