Marita Kihle’s heartwarming experience with Social Friday revealed

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Marita Kihle, a passionate participant in the Social Friday initiative. Join us as we delve into Marita’s story, exploring her experiences with Social Friday and the impact this unique venture has had on her and the community. Discover firsthand the positive influence of Social Friday and how individuals like Marita are contributing to a meaningful social change.

Social Friday: Can you tell us more about yourself? Who is Marita?

I am a 35 year old mother of two who have been working with hundreds of companies over the years, considering I have focused on the start-up market and done multiple projects over time. I have my Bachelors degree in Marketing and Creative Writing and have supported start-ups for 15 years making sure that they reach their goals locally and internationally.

Social Friday: How did you first hear about Social Friday – and what did you think about this initiative?

I actually heard about Social Friday as a freelancer and got the gig of helping them grow a presence digitally. The main reason I applied for the gig was because I absolutely loved the idea and the initiative, and having worked with tech companies for more than a decade – I truly understood the need and the potential of Social Friday, and what it can provide companies across the board. I quickly saw the potential of how it would provide my clients a lot of benefits – social gatherings, something more than just your everyday work, and the social aspect of bringing your focus to local issues.

Social Friday: Can you share what your expectations were before attending the Social Friday event? What were you hoping to gain?

I was hoping to bring companies together for a common social cause. Social Friday gave me a new avenue to reach out to companies I could partner up with for multiple reasons. It also allowed me to provide my clients with an alternative to their everyday workload and to bring teams together for a social cause.

Social Friday: Walk us through your experience at the Social Friday event.

I started off by partnering a NGO team I was working with, with a another local NGO. We decided that a benefit to our local community would be to clean up a space in our town that had been left untouched by government and companies alike. We met for this cause, and I noticed that everyone involved also included their family members in this process. This was mainly possible because of the social cause. It was easy to organize and everyone involved went above and beyond to make it a success. The initiative itself caught the attention of local media which was beneficial for the companies involved, but also the cause we decided to support.

Social Friday: Social Friday events often emphasize networking and community building. How has this event impacted your social or professional life?

It allowed me to reach out to local companies which I would not necessarily be able to contact. It also lifted the companies in our community eyes, because we did something of value to the community itself. Now, a few years later, I am still in contact with everyone who was involved and we have created a bond beyond what would have been possible with a strict company partnership.

Social Friday: From a more global point of view, what do you think could Social Friday change for society?

I think it could make a huge difference globally because it allows you to focus on matters that is important to everyone, and not only on your company’s core values. It gives you a way to gather socially for a good cause, which is important for us as human beings. In my opinion there has never been an initiative that allows you to focus on all these aspects at the same time, and that’s why it is the perfect combination of smart business, network marketing, employee satisfaction and social awareness at the same time.

Social Friday: If you could challenge 3 companies, any companies from around the world, to implement Social Friday, who would you choose?

I would challenge the big companies. They already know the importance of employee satisfaction, but they should also be aware of their global footprint, and as they say “with great power comes great responsibility”. So I would challenge Ikea, Microsoft and oil companies across the globe.

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