Meet the artist – Teresa Grandits

Next Social Friday is around the corner and we’re working hard to prepare everything necessary for November 25th when companies, nonprofits and students will team up to work together and contribute to society. 

One of the most important assets for raising awareness is the official poster of Social Friday 4Q22. We are talking with the artist responsible for the design of the poster – Teresa Grandits

With Doctoral studies at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and a Master of Fashion Design and Textile Engineering at the University of Zagreb, she discusses and analyzes the terminology of relationships and their evolution ‘among equals’ and develops an artistic-ironic commentary on socially relevant topics. She applies the perspectives of a city, its people and their (everyday) stories, which conveys their own contemporary language. 

In order to find more about Teresa and her artistic approach on the Social Friday initiative, we asked her a few more questions.

Social Friday: How do you define success as an artist?

Teresa: To my mind, there is commercial success on the one hand which enables me to live on. On the other hand, there is ideological success which enables you to represent your principle/thoughts and support a diverse sociological (personal) discussion.

Social Friday: Can you describe us from your point of view, how art is important to society?

Teresa: To me, art builds its very individual bridge between microcosm and macrocosm.

Social Friday: How does your design reflect the values of Social Friday – togetherness, challenging the status quo and social good?

Teresa: The cast egg represents the origin of life. The trapped air bubbles create a dynamic, nearing a storm, that the emanation of life needs, placing it metaphorically, expressing it. It proposes the visualization of the origin of each individual. A state that has yet to be influenced or shaped by the relationship between norms, conventions and laws. An individual equality that gives us the election to create communal closeness, understanding and consequently a future.

Social Friday: With your poster, you left a positive mark on Social Friday. Tell us what being part of Social Friday means for you?

Teresa: The ability of being part of a movement is not only a privilege but also a duty.

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