on their 2nd Social Friday Supporting Families Through Tough Times

When a loved one falls ill, the stress for family members is tough. When that someone is a child it can be almost unbearable.

The fear and worry that follows a diagnosis is coupled with a desire to be as close as possible to your child night and day. Facing a long stay in a hospital that isn’t close to the family home can throw up a host of logistical problems for families already facing the stress of having a sick child.

That’s where the Marketagent team came in. Based in Vienna, Austria, this brilliant company has firmly grasped hold of the Social Friday vision. Team members went into action for a second time on Friday, working alongside BONsurprise, a charity that supports the families of sick children by providing free accommodation near the Vienna General Hospital.

Andrea Salzmann from BONsurpise said: “The creation of these apartments together with the Marketagent team is the best example of how communities come together to help the most vulnerable in our society. As a charity, we welcome Social Friday activities that bring together businesses and charities for the good of the common good.”

The Marketagent team members helped to furnish an apartment, known as Penguin apartments, which are situated near treatment centres. They sourced and built furniture and simply created a cosy, homely atmosphere – a nest for another family going through one of the toughest periods of their lives.

Lisa Eberhardsteiner from Marketagent added: “We were so honoured to take part in this particular activity and to make a real difference to the lives of families in this heart-breaking situation. Knowing that the work we did with BONsurprise will make lives easier is what makes Social Friday activities so very special. It’s a great way for our team to bond and the best way to spend a Friday afternoon.”

This is the second Social Friday activity for the Marketagent team who had previously helped out on a homelessness initiative on the streets of Vienna in February. With every Social Friday activity, communities are being transformed, people are being cared for and we’re inching ever forwards to our goal of changing the world for the better.

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