Meet Dmitry Sliva – Poster artist for 1Q23

We are so excited about the upcoming Social Friday event, and have been preparing to have a great start of the year on 31st of March when companies, nonprofits and students will team up to work together for a greater impact. 

One of the most important assets for raising awareness and supporting artists for each of the Social Friday events is the official poster for 1Q23. We interviewed the artist for the upcoming Social Friday – Dmitry Sliva who comes from a small town in Belarus and is currently living in Warsaw.

He’s a creative skater, artist and founder of the Swell Mob skate brand. When it comes to Dmitry’s lifestyle he says: “I create fashion designs and various illustrations and ride a skateboard with a buzz. I try to move in all possible directions that I like. There is no limit to development!”

In order to find more about Dmitry and his artistic approach for the Social Friday initiative, we asked him a few more questions.

How do you define success as an artist?

For me, success comes down to two related things.

More recently, I realized that all my work energizes and gives great emotions to a large number of people. This gives me goosebumps! One of the most important things is to do it from the heart of people and realize that you are doing it for a reason. Your creation carries tremendous energy.

The second part is material. It’s great to know that you can live and develop further and further in your favorite work and in your favorite profession.

Can you describe how art is important to society?

It’s great when creative people can express their thoughts and ideas through any creative direction. And it’s great that people can see much more in this than the creator himself and you never know how your work will affect this or that person.

It seems to me that art is the engine of society.

How does your design reflect the values of Social Friday –togetherness, challenging the status quo and social good?

I wanted to show in my work the hope that it is possible to direct people to a more active pastime.

You can see a person who spends a typical Friday at home, with no idea how to spend time wrapped around his chair. It’s easy to get used to being comfortable, but we often forget the importance of being active.

Thoughts are in the air about how much you can do in this world and fill yourself with emotions and various entertainments. Thanks to your organization, people remember on Friday that they can spend it much more interesting than usual.

A person is about to break free from the shackles and enjoy his Friday afternoon.

With your poster, you left a positive mark on Social Friday. Tell us what being part of Social Friday means for you?

I am glad to participate in the project for the benefit of society. I have always tried to be active and attract different people to this.

And now there is an opportunity to attract people with their art to creativity. I hope this poster will give good emotions to many people!

Thank you!

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