Meet the artist – Aida Hdeib

Next Social Friday is around the corner and we’re working hard to prepare everything necessary for June 24th when companies, organizations, and students will team up to work together and contribute to society. One of the most important assets for raising awareness is the official poster of Social Friday 2Q22. We are talking with the artist responsible for the design of the poster – Aida Hdeib. This is the first-ever „official poster“ designed by an artist for Social Friday and she is literally making history with it.

Aida, before we start talking about your design, please tell us more about yourself?

AIDA: I am a bachelor of fine arts, graphic designer, and visual artist. Creating art is something that I have been doing for almost my whole life and I enjoy it! When I am not working you can find me somewhere in nature, riding my bike or taking a walk or just enjoying a picnic and being a people person as I am, I want to be surrounded by people during these activities!

SOCIAL FRIDAY: Can you take us through your creative and technical process of creation?

AIDA: Usually, I have the idea right away when I’m about to create a concept for something but I would say that brainstorming is the first step, so I can connect all loose ends of an idea. When I have the visuals and what I want something to look like, I do sketches and after that, I start painting. During the painting process, it’s not unusual to add or remove something, so I would say that in this phase, I just go with the flow.

SOCIAL FRIDAY: What was your inspiration for the design?

AIDA: I love nature and I want to do as much as I can to preserve it. I believe that ecological consciousness is not sufficiently developed around the world. My inspiration is to show that when people are working together on a cause like this, It can only bring good. A little contribution from each one of us is a major difference. Also, I want to motivate people to get actively involved in environmental activities and show them a picture of what little contribution can result in beauty!

SOCIAL FRIDAY: One of our future goals is to hold an exhibition of all original posters for Social Friday events. Some would say, designing the official poster for a global initiative is a big deal. Tell us, what does this opportunity mean for a young artist like you, in the long run?

AIDA: Oh wow, it is huge. First of all, I want to say that I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work on this as it’s a cause that is really close to my heart. When I first started this I thought of it as a fun project especially since the first design was to be painted by hand and I always enjoy painting. Not after I have finished it did I realize that this is a poster for a global initiative and that shook me a little in a good way. 🙂 That means a lot to me, knowing that I was the first to “break the ice”, that a part of me is going to motivate people, inspire people and beautify their surroundings. This is a start and I can’t wait to see where this journey will bring me!

SOCIAL FRIDAY: With this poster, you left your mark on Social Friday and now you are forever connected with our cause. Tell us what being part of Social Friday means for you.

AIDA: I have loved the concept of Social Friday from the moment I heard of it. Being socially responsible is something that comes naturally to me and it’s good to know that there is an initiative that supports activities like this. I have spread the word to almost everyone I know, family, friends, and colleagues and they all love it. I work at @Identity – creativity & advertising a marketing agency, and we are thinking of hosting a Social Friday event as well. This is something that has enormous potential and can unlock so many opportunities for everyone involved. New friendships, new collaborations, having fun together, and doing good.

SOCIAL FRIDAY: We are thrilled to welcome you to our family of socially responsible brands. As a Social Friday Ambassador, which companies do you challenge to become hosts for the next event? Call out three local and three global companies and tell us why you think they should join.

AIDA: Thank you for the warm welcome! I do have brands that I think will be perfect hosts based on their activity in the past years. The first is Pharmachem. They have a constant commitment to socially responsible activities and have won awards and recognitions for social responsibility. Second is Sava osiguruvanje. They have adopted a corporate holiday “Sava Day” when the member companies of the “Sava” family organize activities in the field of socially responsible behavior which is great! The third is Bimilk. They have contributed to improving people’s lives by helping sports, culture, youth education, and solidarity with groups of citizens who are most in need of help. These are companies that have a big influence, can, and want to do more and I think it’s time for Social Friday and them to make it official! 🙂

As for the global companies, I would say Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Facebook.

Join our global Social Friday family of community heroes and get your logo on the official Social Friday 2Q22 poster. For every event, we will release a new original design. Start collecting personalized posters and meaningful experiences.

Be proud and feel the power of doing good!

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