Meet the Artist – Sanja Simoska

Next Social Friday is around the corner and we’re working hard to prepare everything necessary for September 30th when companies, organizations, and students will team up to work together and make a positive impact on society. One of the most important assets for raising awareness is the official poster of Social Friday 3Q22. We are talking with the artist responsible for the design of the poster – Sanja Simoska.

Sanja, before we discuss your design, please tell us more about yourself.

SANJA: I am a bachelor of fine arts and visual artist, working mostly with illustrations, children’s books, collages, and murals. I’m focused on developing and combining different techniques and materials. Fortunately for me, drawing is both a hobby and a profession.

What does your creative and technical process of creation look like?

SANJA: My creative flow usually occurs in the late-night hours when everyone is asleep, and I get to be more in touch with myself and be able to process what I have experienced earlier in the day. Sometimes I start by writing something down, a small haiku, or a dream I have remembered before I sketch that idea. Or sometimes I pick up some materials like old drawings or textures and start cutting them and creating assemblages or uncanny visual relations.

Social Friday is about challenging the status quo, togetherness, and social good. How does your design reflect these values?

SANJA: With this design, I wanted to create the necessary touch of togetherness. To allow yourself to be touched as an opening for understating and relating with the Other and as a means for generating communities regardless of the differences.

In the future, we are planning an exhibition of all original posters created for Social Friday events. Some would say, designing the official poster for a global initiative is a big deal. Tell us, what this opportunity means for a young artist like you, in the long run.

SANJA: I understand design as an important tool for communicating social values that can reach wide audiences and can contribute to making a change in our global society and environment. Therefore, I see an opportunity to make my part of that contribution.

With this poster, you left your mark on Social Friday and now you are forever connected with our cause. Tell us what being part of Social Friday means for you.

SANJA: It was a pleasure to be part of the making of this poster, an excellent connection to share my thoughts and inspiration. It makes me feel like part of a big and welcoming community.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our family of socially responsible heroes. 

Social Friday is around the corner, and we are eager to welcome our community heroes, the companies, NPOs, and students who will work together to positively impact society on September 30th.. Every participant hosting an event will have the chance to get a personalized poster with their logo incorporated in the design. Collect your posters as you collect amazing experiences from each upcoming Social Friday event.

Let’s reinvent Fridays together.

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