Research Results Press Conference and 1st Social Friday in Austria

We always knew we were on to a good thing but it’s always great to have it confirmed.

Here at Social Friday we believe passionately that our initiative, bringing together the private sector and local community, is something that can have a huge positive impact on the world and create awareness on important matters.

However, now we know that our passions aren’t just wishful thinking but instead real life, tangible facts and that the need and acceptance of an initiative such as Social Friday can be proven.

Just how is all thanks to the extensive work carried out by the Number 1 Institute on Public Opinion Research in Austria, They not only performed a significant piece of public opinion research on productivity in the workplace and social engagement in 10 different countries worldwide, but also took on board their own findings and signed up for their own Social Fridays.

They discovered that everything Social Friday had claimed about Friday afternoon working motivation and the employees’ habits during these period was solid. It quickly becomes clear that Fridays are among the least productive days in all countries surveyed and that employees are willing to give up work on Friday afternoons to devote themselves to a good cause (82%). With this, Social Friday’s clear purpose seems to be on a fertile ground with the results: that the least unproductive time of the work week should be time for broadening of horizons and to create awareness on local society matters.

Announcing the results at a press conference in Vienna at the 25hours Hotel on February 21, the Marketagent founder Mr. Thomas Schwabl, alongside the founder of Social Friday Mr. Fikret Zendeli and the representative from Shades Tours Ms Perrine Schober, told the listeners and the media the details of the positive conclusions and how anyone from a start-up to a multi-national can get involved with Social Friday and achieve something meaningful.


So there it is, the prove you all were waiting! Now go over the research results and start planning your 1st Social Friday.

Research Results


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