The Story of the Box

Crafted in the depths of Europe, carefully selected by a small band of children, hand delivered straight to your doorstep. You are the chosen one.

And if you’re not the chosen one you’ll need to find out what Social Friday has been up to.

Well, in short, we’ve been handing out presents.

Who are these lucky folks? They’re prime ministers, celebrities and influencers. Anyone who the children we worked with thought might be interested in supporting our global movement for change or who had showed an interest in humanitarian projects previously.

Our last lucky receiver was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which you can read all about in our last blog post.

To introduce you a bit more about these special boxes, we did a video presenting the journey of the box. Watch box teaser:

It symbolically shows the journey of Social Friday, how it started as just a simple idea to bring about positive, mindset change and well, it’s kind of snowballing. In a good way.

The effort, hard work, love and passion put into to make Social Friday on reach of everyone’s doorstep has been worth it.

You’re dying to know what was in the presents right? The wooden gift boxes were engraved with the initials of each recipient and inside we included a monogrammed Social Friday sweater, pin badges and a hang-tag with information about who we are.

On the top, as cherry on the cake, we included a special handwritten greeting card.

We love spreading the word about Social Friday and we’re always thinking about fun and creative ways to get people involved. Perhaps you’ve got some ideas? How about writing to us and helping us out a little?

We’d love you to be involved with our movement. Get in touch with us if you think your company or organisation might benefit from including Social Friday into your working week.

The benefits extend far greater than the community. From team building to smarter working, the end of the working week will be so much more than just the weekend. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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