Walter Vaz- Creating positive change in the community is a wonderful goal!

Coach Walter Vaz’s Social Friday event took place on a balmy Friday evening in Hong Kong, the heart of Asia, marking the first-ever Social Friday initiative in the region. The event was designed to provide the community with an opportunity to engage in a free fitness class and encouraging participants to prioritize their health and fitness. It was a momentous occasion that exemplified Coach Walter Vaz’s dedication to promoting well-being and inspiring positive change.

“Creating positive change in the community is a wonderful goal! One of the ways to do this is to join the Social Friday initiative and advocate for change at the local level. I am so proud of organizing the first Social Friday ever in Asia, we had a wonderful time”

This introductory piece provides an overview of the event, highlighting its significance and Coach Walter Vaz’s vision of creating positive change in the community.

Social Friday: Can you please describe how you felt organizing your first ever Social Friday?

Walter Vaz: Organizing Social Friday was one of the highlights of my career as a professional in fitness. Reaching out to and beyond my community was such a pleasure. The excitement of preparing something that is going to impact people’s lives until today is still putting a smile on my face.

Social Friday: How satisfied were you with the event?

Walter Vaz: The event went beautifully, smoothly and better than expected.

Social Friday: How did the people react to your event?

Walter Vaz: A great energy from the group and a lot of smiling faces. I’m positive that people will be talking about this event for a long time. Everybody had this sense of community and belonging.

Social Friday: How did this event impact your perception of Social Friday?

Walter Vaz: I have learned so much and Social Friday changed my way of perception toward Fridays. Now more than ever, I know that I have the obligation to fight the status quo.

Social Friday: How likely would you be to organize/participate in Social Friday events in the future?

Walter Vaz: I truly believe that we can reinvent Fridays. With that being said, in the future I will definitely organize more Social Friday events and try to spread the message across the globe.

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