Why Natalie Reichl challenges Amazon management, H&M, Youtube and other interesting thoughts about Social Friday

We would like to get to know you better. Who are You?

My name is Natalie, I am 31 years old and I live in Austria.

We would like to get to know your company a little better. Which products/solutions do you offer?

Marketagent is Austria’s leading online research institute. We do online market and opinion research since 2000.

The best about your company – let’s say in 50 words maximum?

Working at Marketagent means working with your family. And I have been a member of this family for more than 11 years. No more words needed. J

How did you first hear about Social Friday – and what did you think about this initiative?

Our CEO saw a TV show that introduced Social Friday. The next day he asked us if we wanted to be part of it. I did my own research on Google because I had not heard of Social Friday until this point. It only took a few seconds for me to get excited – with Social Friday one of the best ideas within the last few years was born. Being part of this initiative means to be conscious of the fact that life is not always easy. You can make people feel much better with helping them out with small gestures and things that we may take for granted. I think Social Friday makes people more sensitive to certain issues and helps raise awareness. And a positive side effect: It’s really good for team building.

Please tell us a bit more how you experienced Social Friday in 2019?

In 2019 we spent our time with homeless people who told us their life stories. We donated sleeping bags and isolating mats. The second Social Friday was spent furnishing a flat for families with sick children to help them live a “normal” life while their child gets medical treatment. Third time we played basketball with refugees and handicapped people. Social Fridays can be very versatile, it’s not only about donating, it’s also about giving people your personal time. It’s the easiest way to make other people happy, which is something everyone can do.

Is there a particular moment that u remember connected with Social Friday?

Our third Social Friday consisted of playing basketball with refugees and handicapped people. There was that one boy with down-syndrome who attempted to hit the basket again and again. We cheered him on and said things like “keep going, you can do it”. He gave it his all and still missed a couple of times, but he did not give up. And then it happened, he finally hit the ball into the basket. At first he didn’t even realize what had happened, but then he was so happy, so proud, so excited – his eyes were full of joy. I will forever remember the face that he made in that exact moment. It was just a ball in a basket, but for him this meant the world.

How do you feel, right after a Social Friday activity?

Thoughtful. In your daily life you realize that there are homeless people, that there are handicapped people, that there are families with sick children – but you don’t really give it a thought. You do not think about why they are homeless, you do not think about how handicapped people experience life, you do not think about what having a sick child means to the family’s daily life. Social Friday makes you consciously think of these things. Of course, it makes you feel better too, because you know that you gave something back to society.

How proud are you at your company to be part of Social Friday?

Of course, I am really proud. The only excuse for missing a Social Friday is being out of country.

If you could challenge 3 companies, any companies from around the world, to implement Social Fridays, who would you choose?

  • Amazon management: So that they could start thinking more about social responsibility.
  • H&M: A lot of young people shop there, perhaps they would get influenced and be more willing to do social activities when they are grown up.
  • Youtube: So that Social Friday would get well-known all over the world.

And, from a more global point of view, what do you think could Social Friday change for society?

Social Fridays create more charity – not only for other people, but also for the environment. I think it creates social awareness and people become more sensitive to important issues. In our day to day life we tend to forget about the people in need, but by doing small acts like helping each other out on a Friday, we can make a big change in the world. Social Friday makes you feel grateful and let’s you be an active part in making the world a more peaceful place.

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